Blogging as a freelancer: Does that make sense?

Blogging means a lot of work. Many professional bloggers will tell you that. But what’s the value behind all the work? What are the reasons to start a blog as a freelancer? Which expectations should you rather forget about? As a freelance graphic designer who runs a blog (this one), I would like to share some experiences with you in this post.

This blog is still relatively young (as of 02.2016). Nevertheless, I was able to build a large readership and a strong Facebook community. This brings me without much ado to the first big advantage of having my own blog.

Visibility and reach

As we are freelancers, we primarily offer services, so a large part of our assignments come through personal contacts or recommendations from personal contacts. At least that is the case with me. However, the number of personal contacts is limited. The potential readership of your blog is not. With your own blog, you can give thousands of people regular insights into your work, your values and beliefs. This creates trust and trust leads to new business opportunities. Visibility and reach also have a positive effect on another business discipline.

Blogging & Networking

What do you think about networking events? I think most of these events are pretty weird. Unpleasant society – You can avoid events and small-talks by using the Internet if you want to network. Through my blog I often receive requests for cooperation, partnerships or project work. By frequent, I mean at least once a week. But why do you suddenly receive requests with a blog? What makes you so desired?

The expert status

As a blogger, you are always up to date because you regularly do extensive research for your posts. By writing down your experiences and knowledge, the topics are much easier to remember and retrieve. Little by little, you’ll notice how you’re becoming more and more an expert on your blog topic. This makes you an expert not only with your readers. In discussions, lectures or at conferences, you appear much more confident in your topic.

The other side

You must enjoy blogging. It requires a lot of discipline and a lot of work if you want to write good posts. To take advantage of the benefits of reach, visibility and expert status, the quality of your posts must be high at all times. Your blog needs to be regularly updated with new posts to keep it alive. On the other hand, especially in the initial phase, the financial returns from your blog are very low. You can only really live from a blog from about 200.000 page views per month. That is a long way! The expectation of making a lot of money quickly with your own blog should, therefore, be put out of your mind.

Your blog needs a mission

Blogging is not primarily about generating high revenues through the blog. With this attitude, you will not be successful. Instead, a blog serves to increase your visibility and reach, which can indirectly lead to new customers and cooperation. This can massively influence your success as a freelancer. For me, however, these advantages are not enough to take on the high amount of work involved in researching, writing and the necessary discipline. It takes more. It needs a mission.

This blog has a mission: to help freelancers with practical tips and contributions. Our schools and colleges provide only a few skills to be successful as a freelancer or self-employed person. Our educational system still prepares us for dependent employment relationships, which will become much less important in the digital age. Words like home office and outsourcing are becoming more and more significant in our usage of language. The intrinsic abilities of a freelancer such as personal responsibility, discipline and entrepreneurial action are becoming more important than ever as a result of digitisation. We must not wait until our educational system changes. We must take action now, exchange ideas, pass on our knowledge and join forces. Germany needs more people who stand by their work, take responsibility and want to make a difference. Germany needs more founders, self-employed people and freelancers. That is my profound conviction. It is precisely this mission that motivates me anew every day to write helpful articles for freelancers.

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