Customer acquisition: Basic tips for customer talks

No freelancer can dowithout customer acquisition.  Because the assignments are usually very individual, a conversation with the customer is usually an important part of customer acquisition. Your personal impact is particularly important. There is no second chance for a good first impression. This article is intended to provide you with a compact list of the most important tips for successful customer acquisition.

Don’t be late!

If possible, always try to be on time at the agreed time. In this way the customer can see right from the start that you take agreements seriously and keep them. If in exceptional cases it is not possible to arrive on time, inform your customer in time. Do not forget to apologize for the delay. If necessary, offer your customer to make a new appointment in case he might be pressed for time due to possible follow-up appointments.

Dress for the occasion

Of course, you don’t always have to show up in a suit. Try to dress yourself in a way that you feel comfortable, but at the same time arrive at your client in an authentic and professional manner. 

Convince your customer through expertise

The customer should get the impression that he is in the best hands with you. Show him that you know your trade and that you can carry out the order professionally. It is not necessary to bore your customer with a list of technical terms. A good portfolio, awards or diplomas are much more meaningful.

Be a good listener

Respond to the current situation of your customer. Ask questions that show the customer that you are seriously concerned with his situation and are really interested in solving his problem. Speak clearly (without technical terms if possible) and respond to your customer. This tip also helps you to acquire customers by phone.

Avoid disingenuous compliments in customer acquisition

Good compliments can significantly improve the relationship with your customer. However, most people have a good sense of whether compliments are really meant seriously. Insincere compliments can quickly damage the basis of trust with your customer. All compliments should be meant seriously, because a solid basis of trust is essential for successful customer acquisition.

Always friendly greetings

Imagine you’re interviewing the board of a big company. Of course you’re excited and totally focused on the interview with the boss. Nevertheless, try to perceive the environment and pay attention to the employees in the department and the reception staff. Say hello to them and be friendly. It is not uncommon for the boss to ask the employees for their opinion after the appointment. It can only be an advantage if you have also made a pleasant impression on them.

Never talk badly about others

Maybe you know the situation: You were hired because the previous freelancer or employee your client hired mercilessly messed up the job. Now you have to finish the project. The client complains how difficult the cooperation with your predecessor was and points out his mistakes several times.

Now you should beware of talking badly about your predecessor in this situation as well. The customer could, for example, deduce how you talk about him to other customers. The same applies when you talk about your competitors.


Now you may think that many of these tips sound banal and obvious. In practice, I experience from time to time that many of these rules are not followed. 

I think that it can’t hurt to consciously remember these rules before a personal meeting when acquiring customers. But far from all these rules, the most important thing is that you come across as authentic to the customer. Everything that is played or staged has a negative effect on the success of customer acquisition.  

What tips do you have for customer acquisition?

Perhaps you have already gained experience in customer acquisition. Help other freelancers and write your experiences in the comments. 

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