Making good use of the power of customer voices as a freelancer

Rarely do I buy a product in online shops without first reading the customers’ opinions. In the age of the internet, customer opinions are becoming more and more important. This is not only true for products in online shops. Freelancers are also well advised to capture customer opinions about their services. But what is the best way to collect customer opinions and what should you pay attention to?

Customer opinions already carry considerable weight for doctors, for example. When searching for a new doctor, the german rating platform appears directly in search engines. If bad ratings accumulate, this can cause considerable damage to the reputation of the medical practice. But also in other industries customer ratings are becoming more and more important. What can you do to get more positive customer reviews?

Actively ask the customer for his opinion

Let’s stick briefly to the example of the doctor who was given a negative evaluation. If we were treated badly or unkindly as a patient, we get angry. We are emotionally upset and feel anger. Such an emotion motivates us to write a customer opinion. Certainly this opinion will not be very positive. On the other hand, if we are satisfied, we are usually less motivated to write a review. The result is that the public image of the service is extremely distorted. Therefore, we should actively seek the opinions of as many customers as possible to realistically reflect the quality of the service.

How do I get customer feedback?

A nice e-mail with the request to rate the service may work. In practice, however, the customer has a thousand other things to do. He does not find the time to write a review for you. The situation is the following: You win a customer’s vote, your customer only has time and effort to spend. My trick: I also think in win-win situations and think about what could be gained for the customer if he takes the time to evaluate my performance.

An example: You make a small correction for your customer free of charge and tell him that you are happy to receive a customer opinion in return.

Publish customer testimonials correctly

Many freelancers use customer voices on their own website. This is useful to emphasize the quality of their own service. But let’s be honest. You can write a lot on your own website. It is much better to use Google MyBusiness, Facebook or similar services for publishing. Votes can only be cast there through authenticated accounts. This means that a critical suspicion that you have formulated the customer vote yourself is clearly refuted.

There is nothing to be said against publishing the customer opinions on your own website. Underline however e.g. by a link to GoogleMyBusiness that the customer voices are also genuine.


Hardly any element from the marketing kit has as much power as an authentic positive customer opinion. It is worth actively demanding this opinion. Remember to acknowledge the time spent by the customer accordingly. Proof that the captured customer voice actually comes from the customer, e.g. through entries in GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook or similar. Now I have given you a comprehensive insight into how I capture customer voices. What do you do?

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