Good logo design: The 5 most important features!

There is no second chance for a first impression. This is a well-known saying. More and more freelancers find new customers via the Internet. For this reason the own online presence is more important than ever. A central role is also played by the logo, which is the first thing your potential customer notices when visiting your website. The logo design is therefore essential for a good first impression. But how does a “non-designer” know if a logo design is really good?

There is a whole range of communicative criteria that make for a good logo design. For example, your logo has to reflect your identity and optimally communicate your services and values. I will discuss and link the communicative criteria in another article. With this article I would like to give you an understanding of the visual criteria for a good logo design. With the help of this article you can check which criteria your own logo already fulfills and what could be optimized.

1. Does your logo have a unique contour?

Try to imagine what the shadow of your logo looks like. The colors disappear. You only recognize the silhouette.

A concise and unique outline greatly increases the recognition effect of your logo. Think of logos from Apple, Puma or McDonalds. All these logos can be easily recognized just by their outline. Your logo should have a memorable and individual contour.

Unique contours also define good cartoon characters. You can recognize Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson even without a face and colors just by the outline. Give it a try!

2. How scalable is your logo design?

Basically your logo must be available as so-called vector graphics. This includes the formats PDF, SVG, AI or similar. This ensures that your logo looks good even on large banners.

But with scalability I mean much more. A good logo design works not only in all sizes but also on all media. In glossy brochures, on smartphones, on the internet and even on a dull black and white fax machine. Your logo has to be clearly visible on all media, even without colours. What does your logo look like on a b/w fax or stamp? What does your logo look like in small resolutions, e.g. 64 x 64 pixels?

3. Colour combinations

Colours are not a MUST for logos, in my opinion. Colours, but especially colour combinations, can significantly increase the recognition effect of your logo / brand. The basis of a good logo is a concise and simple outline. I would like to demonstrate the effects that colour combinations can have on the recognition effect of a logo with the following graphic.

4. Is your logo based on basic geometric shapes?

Good logos are based on simple geometric shapes and are still unique. There are many great logos that are based on circles or rectangles only. These logos are not only memorable because of their simplicity, but in many cases also very aesthetic.

A squiggly or playful logo is only allowed if it is absolutely necessary for the communication of your services. Otherwise the old saying “less is more” applies. The company Apple quickly noticed this and quickly changed from the original copperplate logo from 1976 to the logo we all know by now.

5. Is your logo design timeless?

The logo is one of the most important components of a brand. Even as a freelancer you are in a way building a brand. As a freelancer you represent values, communicate with customers and establish yourself in a certain industry. Just like a brand.

It can take several years or even decades until a larger target group recognizes your logo and associates corresponding values and qualities with it. Constant adjustments cost you not only a lot of time but also a lot of money. Your logo should therefore not follow design trends that are hip today and maybe out of fashion tomorrow. Hip graphic effects and trend colours look nice at the moment, but how will it be in 10 years? Avoid that the only recognition element of your logo is defined by an effect or a trend color. Surely it’s hard to avoid making small adjustments to your logo from time to time. After all, society is evolving and your logo should not look old-fashioned. However, you should keep the basis of the logo.

What does your logo look like?

Now you have read the article and find yourself in one of the following three situations:

First option: Your logo meets all criteria.

Congratulations! If your logo also meets all communication criteria and reflects your optimal identity, you have found a logo that you can use for many years to come.

Second option: Not all criteria are met.

If the base is right, by that I mean the right colour and shape, I recommend you to adapt your logo with the help of a good designer. Since the designer does not have to create a completely new logo, the costs are usually manageable. If there are minor flaws in the logo design, I advise you against a complete redesign.

Third option: Your logo does not meet any of the criteria.

A good logo is essential for a good first impression, especially in the age of the Internet. It reflects your identity, communicates your services and values. You can use a really good logo for many decades. Find a designer you trust and get a professional logo designed. You invest in your own future and that is the best investment.

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