Success in 6 steps: Forge your master plan!

Do you want to be more successful? Then today is the time to think about your visions, goals and values. In this article I would like to give you a plan with which you can achieve your dreams, wishes and visions in a focused way. Now create your personal master plan in the following 6 steps:

Collect information about your current situation and evaluate it!

Think about where your true passion lies. What qualifications do you have? What are you better at than others? Which values are especially important to you? What plays the biggest role in your life? In order to analyze you exactly, I recommend my article with the wheel of life exercise. Important: Take enough time for this step!

Define your visions, basic values and guidelines!

How should your fellow men / customers perceive you in the future? What values do you or your company want to stand for in 5 or 10 years? What are your role models? Why are they your role models?

Define your goals!

What is necessary to achieve your goal/vision? Can certain people help you to reach this goal? Set your goal ambitiously but realistically. Details on how to formulate your goals can be found in my article “Defining goals with the SMART method“ 

Define measurement parameters and measurements for your goals!

How can you see whether you have really achieved your set goals? Set a date by when you want to have reached the goal. Try to find measures (turnover, number of customers, number of products sold, etc.) I would also like to recommend the article “Defining goals with the SMART method“.

Define measures to achieve your goals!

In order to achieve your vision, you have probably formulated big goals in point 3. At first glance, big goals often seem overwhelming and unattainable. Therefore the danger is great not to start with their implementation. Try to divide the big goals into smaller goals. For each of the small goals you should write down measures that are necessary to achieve this step. If your goal lies far in the future, the planning of the measures becomes diffuse. This is completely normal. As soon as you have reached your first subgoal, you should regularly check which measures you can plan from your new point of view.

Take the first step!

This point distinguishes winners from losers. You can take notes and plan a lot. What matters is doing it! So here are a few tips on how to overcome your inner bastard and put what you have written down into practice:

  • Deliberately solve unpleasant tasks first
  • Set a fixed point in time when you start the task
  • Share your set action steps with others.
  • Reward yourself when you have put an important task into practice.

Create your personal master plan now!

To be successful, you have to act purposefully. Formulating goals without putting them into action is just as unpromising as acting without a concrete plan. The combination of both makes you successful. Now it’s your turn! Create your personal master plan and plant the seeds for future success!

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