Freelancers and the Monday Blues: Start the week more productively

You probably know it – the Monday blues. It was a busy weekend. You were working on assignments or partying really hard. You didn’t get a chance to really relax. You find it hard to find the motivation at the beginning of the week that is demanded of you as a freelancer. In this article I would like to give you some tips against weekend paralysis to start the new week more productive.

Tip 1: Planning ahead

Every day I plan the evening before. I’m sure you already know this from me, if you read my blog regularly. This strategy offers a lot of advantages. You can start the day directly without wasting time and energy on creating a to-do list. In addition, the subconscious adjusts to the upcoming daily schedule while you are still asleep. With this trick, I can start work right at the beginning of the day without wasting much time. I use the same trick to fight the Monday blues. To do this, I create a weekly schedule for the next week on Friday afternoon. It shows me roughly which tasks are due and with which I can start directly on Monday. For the details I use my daily schedule. I always create it the evening before.

Tip 2: The pleasant first

I find it particularly difficult to build up a “flow” with an unpleasant task. Surely there is a point on your to-do list that is easier to master than other points. I often start with simpler things to build up a momentum. After that, even more difficult tasks are easier for me to handle. Give it a try.

Tip 3: Reward

Rewards are a good way to overcome the Monday blues. I often think about how I can motivate myself with a reward after completing a difficult task. By the way: This also works the other way round. An impending penalty can also boost your own productivity. 🙂

What do you do about the Monday blues?

Yeah, I know. There are a lot of freelancers who work weekends too. For them it makes no difference if the work is on Mondays, Fridays or Sundays. I also find myself in such phases from time to time. But there are also other phases in which I enjoy the weekend with friends and family. I do not think about my freelance work then. A productive start into the new week can be very difficult then. What are your tips for fighting the Monday blues?

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