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A passion for icons

An icon says more than 1000 words

Icons play an enormous role in our lives. They significantly improve the ease of use of websites and apps. Screen presentations and infographics become easier to understand with icons. Icons overcome language barriers, facilitate interpersonal communication and connect people. That’s what I find so fascinating about icons.

Facts that speak for themselves

Designers and developers around the world appreciate the variety and quality of the icons.



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I received my diploma as graphic designer

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Premium Icons

What makes an icon design great?

Like an elegant font, professional icons are based on design rules. Consistent presentation, good legibility and orientation on clearly defined design grids are what make an icon great.

Consistency: Consistent grids, line widths and styles ensure that icons within a set are perfectly matched.
Scalability: Resize without loss of quality.
Clear presentation: Lines are positioned exactly on grids. This ensures that the icon is displayed precisely on displays. *
Readability: Clearly recognizable even with small scaling*

* Depends on the selected icon set

Premium icons and icon sets for your next project

Every sold icon helps me to continue to produce content that can simplify your daily work. Thanks for your support!

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Single premium icons

Find exactly the icon you are looking for in my portfolio of the following suppliers.

premium icons with extended license

You want to sell your own product that contains my icons? We can discuss the conditions together.

Individual premium icons

With the help of my experience as icon designer I can create icons on the highest level for your app, website or presentation, even exclusively.