5 Turnover boosters for freelancers.

Would you like to achieve higher sales with your freelance job? In this article you get to know my personal turnover boosters for freelancers.

Developing regular customers

Loyal regular customers make up a large part of my turnover. Due to a good customer satisfaction I was able to establish many valuable and trustful business relationships. This makes cooperation extremely efficient. While a great deal of effort goes into preparing a formal offer when acquiring new customers, a rough cost estimate is often sufficient for regular customers because a basis of trust already exists. In addition, the success rate of contracts is significantly higher with regular customers. This leads to more orders and ultimately to more sales.

Introduce recommendation marketing

Some clients have an excellent professional network. It is worth making use of this network through targeted recommendation marketing. Satisfied regular customers will gladly recommend you to others if they are satisfied with your services. Use a feedback form to find out how satisfied your customer really is with your performance. If he is satisfied, you should actively point out to him that you would be very happy about a recommendation. You can speed up the process by offering your customer a commission for successful referrals. When it comes to commissions, however, you need to have a sure instinct. My experience has shown that a commission-oriented recommendation is out of the question for some customers.

Increase visibility on the Internet

Of course, in addition to maintaining existing customers, it is also important to win new customers. This works very well via the above mentioned recommendation marketing. But there is another possibility. Increase your visibility on the internet. Ads in search engines that link to your own site work quickly, but are sometimes very expensive. It is cheaper to write informative articles and post them as guest articles on other websites or blogs. Of course with a link to your website. This way you will not only get additional visitors to your website. Over time, you will also be perceived more and more as an expert on your topic. This creates trust and leads to new assignments. The important thing is that your texts really do provide significant added value. For you as well as for the website owner who publishes your contribution a real WIN-WIN situation should arise.

Better use of own resources

Maybe you’ve been in the business a few years as a freelancer. Your computer has accumulated countless files. Graphics, texts, sounds, codes or the like. Try to turn these files into money. On the Internet there are countless platforms on which you can sell these files. The prerequisite is, of course, that you are the author and that you have the appropriate rights of use. Try to make money out of these resources instead of letting them sit unused on your hard drive.

Optimize service portfolio

Do you also offer various services? As a designer it is often typical to appear with a very broad portfolio of services. Logo design, corporate design, web design, animation, infographics etc. I found out that this “hawker’s tray policy” is not really good for your own turnover. Choose the most profitable services and focus on their marketing. Maybe my contribution with the portfolio analysis can help you with this.

Your sales boosters

With these five strategies, I have managed to increase my sales significantly as a freelancer. What are your sales boosters?

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