Wheel of life: dream job through self-knowledge

Are you looking for a job that suits you? Almost all people who claim to work in a dream job have thought a lot about themselves before. They have invested a lot of time to deal with themselves and their real needs. This is also confirmed by Dick Tolles, author of the bestseller “Getting Started in a Dream Job“. He writes: “If jobseekers fail to find their dream job, it is usually not because of their lack of knowledge of the job market, but because of their lack of knowledge about themselves”.

The wheel of life exercise

Only when you know your real needs, you will know which job is right for you, I am also a happy dream job owner (: and have been thinking about myself and my identity for a long time. For this I have read countless books and found some interesting exercises. In this article I would like to introduce you to an exercise called “Wheel of Life”.

This exercise can help you learn more about your needs and goals. From this you can derive the requirements for your personal dream job.

  1. Think intensively about which topics play the biggest role in your life. Do not become too career-specific. A dream job usually serves exactly those topics that are also important in your life.
  2. Make a short list of the eight most important topics in your life. Here are a few examples: Self-realization, freedom, contacts, finances, wealth, fitness, health, security, spirituality, friends, family, career, fun, relaxation, love.
  3. Draw the wheel of life on a blank piece of paper as shown in the following picture or download a template to print out here. Label the segments with your most important topics from point 1. Wheel of Life with exemplary topics
  1. Now fill the segments with a pen according to your current satisfaction. The center of the wheel stands for zero satisfaction, the outer edge stands for full satisfaction.

A completely filled circle stands for absolute fulfilment in all areas of life that are important to you. If the circle is partially filled, you now see exactly the topics that need more attention in your life.

Learning from the wheel of life

After you have created your own wheel of life, you should answer the following questions:

  • Is your wheel of life more “round” or “square”?
  • Which areas need more attention to make the wheel of life rounder?
  • At which points would you like to change something?
  • What should your wheel of life look like next year? Draw in your desired values with another colour


You now have a very personal overview of the most important topics in your life. With the Wheel of Life you can quickly identify areas of your life that are important to you but receive little attention. If your current job prevents you from giving more attention to the relevant areas of your life, you are not in a dream job. Look for a job that combines all your topics, or create your own.


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